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For your perfect day in Hamburg our concierge is looking forward to helping you plan your visit to the Hanseatic city of Hamburg and is excited to share his best tips with you. For enquiries in advance, you can reach our concierge directly by phone at +49 (0) 40 3494 3123 or by email at hvj.concierge@fairmont.com - of course, we are also happy to answer  any questions or provide information during your stay.


The Inner Alster Lake is located at the city centre at Jungfernstieg, together with the Outer Alster Lake with its green parks and elegant white buildings the Alster Lake is a delight for the eyes. Y ou can take an exquisite stroll along its waterside for 7.4 kilometres, stopping now and then at small cafes like the Alsterperle and letting your gaze wander. You can also rent a rowing boat from Bodo's landing stage and enjoy the Alster Lake from the water.


The Elbphilharmonie is probably Hamburg's best-known international building. The renowned 'Elphi', completed in 2016, is one of the tallest buildings in the city and is praised for its acoustics. Of course, tickets for concerts sell out very quickly. Alternatively, you can also go up to the public plaza on the longest escalator in Europe and enjoy the magnificent panorama.


Thanks to our gateway to the world, the third largest port in Europe, Hamburg was a founding member of the renowned Hanse and achieved a high level of prosperity which can still be admired throughout the city. Every year, almost 9,000 ships and over 200 cruise ships <lock here. Y ou can start with a harbour tour or stay on solid ground and enjoy one of the best fish sandwiches with harbour scenery at Bridge 10 ofthe Landungsbrücken.


The Speicherstadt and the neighbouring Kontorhaus district are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the largest warehouse complex in the world. lt was built from 1883 and is an architectural as well as tourist gern. Spices, coffee, cocoa and tea are still stored here, and the Speicherstadt is also the world's largest transhipment point for Persian carpets. The former closed-off free port area was opened in 2003 and 13 museums have settled here. A place you have to see !


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