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  • Well-being


This Pinot Blanc from the Rhine-Hesse winery Dreissigacker surprises with its powerful and juicy body. Ripe and yellow fruits are in the foreground and are accompanied by mineral aromas.

EUR 16.00 / 22.00


Markus Schneider's Pinot Gris from the Palatinate impresses with its fruity fresh bouquet and a pleasantly restrained, yet lively and harmoniously integrated fruit acidity.

EUR EUR 22.00

HVJ Red wine Le Ponnant (0.375l / 0.75l)

This Côtes du Rhône comes from the renowned E. Guigal vineyard and is based on Grenache as well as Syrah, the most important varieties of the region. A classic example of French winemaking tradition.

EUR 16.00 / EUR 25.00

HVJ Red wine Jahreszeiten Cuvée Schneider (0,75l)

This Cuvée from the Palatinate winery Schneider in the limited Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Edition presents itself with a fruity bouquet.

EUR 28.00

HVJ Sprüngli chocolates

Variations on the finest Swiss art of choc olates from the Confiserie Sprüngli.

EUR 29.00

HVJ House roasting coffee

With their great experience, the coffee experts from the Hamburg roaster Darboven, have put together the special selection and blend of coffee beans.

EUR 14.00


Our aromatic Darjeeling from the Ronnefeldt Tea Couture collection is a delight for all tea lovers. Enjoy the unmistakable pleasure of the exquisite tea leaves and give yourself the gift of a cosy time-out.

EUR 18.00

Balsamico Single (0,25l)

Dieser milde und geschmacklich ausgewogene Balsamicoessig wird aus dem Most von Trebbianotrauben gewonnen und reift 5 Jahre in Eichen- und Kirschfässern. Während dieses Reifeprozesses verdunstet ein nicht unerheblicher Teil des Essigs, weshalb er jährlich in kleinere Fassgrößen abgefüllt wird.

EUR 40.00

Olive oil Single (0,25l)

The olive groves of the Pensato family are located in the south of Italy on the gentle and sunny hills of Puglia. Soil characteristics and climate provide ideal conditions for the Peranzana olive, from which this high quality oil is obtained 100%.

EUR 30.00

Balsamico & Olive oil

Our set of fine balsamic vinegar and high-quality virgin olive oil finds a perfect spot in your kitchen or at your table at home.

EUR 65.00

Jahreszeiten London Dry Gin (200ml)

A classic juniper-heavy gin, perfect for G&Ts and stronger martinis.

EUR 28.00

Jahreszeiten Gin (350ml)

Bronze fennel and dill were additionally used as Nordic botanicals. Perfect for a "soft" martini or G&T with a Nordic influence.

EUR 38.00

Jahreszeiten Vodka (200ml)

Distilled from northern German rye, a smooth vodka for classic martinis.

EUR 14.00

Jahreszeiten Martini Vodka (350ml)

The perfect Martini Vodka with flavours of Sicilian Cedro lemon and black pepper / in reference to Hamburg trade and seafaring.

EUR 25.00

Cocktail Negroni (100ml)

The Negroni is an absolute cocktail classic and consists of gin, red vermouth and Campari. It was first mixed around 1920 in Florence for Count Camillo Negroni, who added the ingredient gin to the Americano cocktail (Campari and Vermouth).

EUR 12.00

Cocktail Old Fashioned (100ml)

The Old Fashioned is one of the first drinks in the history of cocktails. At that time, people added some sugar, cocktail bitters and water to the rough and strong American whiskey to make the drink pleasant and harmonious.

EUR 12.00

Cocktail Espresso Martini (100ml)

Our Espresso Martini is already a cocktail classic, the original first created in 1984 by famous bartender Dick Bradsell for a top British model.

EUR 12.00

Jahreszeiten Edition Box (2x 200ml)

Surprise your loved ones with the individual combination of our Jahreszeiten London Dry Gin (200ml) and Jahreszeiten Vodka (200ml).

EUR 32.00

Cook Teddy

Meet the chef of our Teddy Kitchen and take home unforgettable culinary memories.

EUR 15.00

Teddy in a bathrobe

Relaxation room, massage or sauna? With our teddy wrapped in a bathrobe, you'll take unforgettable memories home with you.

EUR 15.00


The legendary porter of the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten will now also take care of your utmost well-being at home.

EUR 15.00

Drinking bottle black

Our drink bottle keeps your drinks cold for 24 hours and your drinks warm for 12 hours. So just take our legendary cocktails from the Jahreszeiten Bar or fresh coffee from the Condi home with you. No matter where you are going in the world today.

EUR 17.00

Thermo Cup

Our sustainable thermo cup is a practical coffee cup-to-go that keeps your drinks warm for an extra-long time. Visit us in the Condi Lounge and enjoy a delicious hot drink on the go.

EUR 18.00

HVJ Jute Bag

The noble shopper with the Hotel Hier Jahreszeiten logo, offers space for all your important things in everyday life or on the next shopping trip.

EUR 16.00

Das Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten - Ein Stück Hamburger Geschichte

Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten - since 1897 a piece of Hamburg. With great attention to detail, Jens Meyer-Odewald reveals the origins and development of the Grand Hotel and tells of legendary guests to breathtaking stories.

EUR 39.00

HVJ Lohmanndecke

The velvety soft cashmere blankets of the Hamburg designer Barbara Lohmann from Italian yarn, provides not only in the cold season a cozy mood.

EUR 690.00 bzw. EUR 990.00

HVJ Scented candle LINARI

Luminosity and durability - this unique floral fragrance creation is characterized by juicy orange, green notes and ozonic and aldehydic accords in the top note, which are overlaid by a lush floral firework of frangipani, jasmine, ylang-ylang, orange blossom, rose and lily of the valley in the heart note.

EUR 35.00

HVJ Vouchers

Surprise your beloved ones with our individual voucher box.

Perfums that will seduce you

Perfumery Krigler

The House of Krigler 1904 would love to invite you to an unforgettable experience of unique and luxurious fragrances, scented candles, and noble soaps. Already adored by a-list celebrities, princesses and presidents, we are looking forward to welcoming you as a lover of the House as well.

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