I. Scope of application
These Terms and Conditions shall apply to events held in the hotel's conference and banqueting rooms for the purpose of holding events, as well as to all other related services and deliveries. They shall apply accordingly to other rooms, showcases and other areas made available by the hotel. The transfer, in particular the subletting and subleasing of rooms, areas or showcases is only permitted with the written consent of the hotel. Any type of advertisement containing the name of the hotel requires the written consent of the hotel.

II. Contractual partner
If the client is not also the organiser, he shall be jointly liable to the hotel and organiser for all debts.

III. Service, Price, Payment
The obligations of the organiser to pay the agreed remuneration shall also include reimbursement by third parties for services and expenses incurred in connection with the event. The agreed prices include the respective statutory value added tax. Any increase in value added tax after conclusion of the contract shall be borne by the organiser. Invoices of the hotel without a due date shall be payable without deduction within 10 days of receipt of the invoice. In the event of payment arrears, the hotel shall be entitled to charge interest at a rate of 4 % above the respective discount rate of the Deutsche Bundesbank. The hotel reserves the right to claim higher damages. The bringing of food and beverages is not permitted. Exceptions require prior agreement with the hotel. In such cases, the hotel shall charge a contribution to cover overhead costs (corkage fee).

IV. Cancellation by the hotel
The hotel is entitled to withdraw from the contract for objectively justified reasons, for example if:
- Higher power or other circumstances, for which the hotel is not responsible, make it impossible to fulfil the contract.
- Events which have been booked under misleading or false statements of essential facts of the organiser or purpose.
- Events which give reasonable cause to believe that the event will disrupt the business operations.
- Events which may endanger the safety or reputation of the hotel in public without this being attributable to the hotel's sphere of control or organisation.- In the event of a breach by the client/organiser of the regulations in Item I of these Terms and Conditions.

The hotel shall immediately notify the organiser of the exercise of the right of withdrawal. The organiser shall have no claim for damages against the hotel unless the hotel has acted with intent or gross negligence.

V. Technical equipment and connections
Provided that the hotel procures technical and other equipment from third parties for the organiser at the latter's instigation, the hotel shall act in the name of, on the authority of and for the account of the organiser. The organiser shall be liable for the careful handling and proper return of such equipment. The organiser shall indemnify the hotel against all claims by third parties arising from the provision of such facilities.
The use of the organiser's own electrical equipment or that of third parties commissioned by the organiser using the hotel's power supply system shall require the latter's consent. The organiser shall be liable for any disruption of or damage to the hotel's technical equipment resulting from the use of such equipment. The hotel shall charge a flat rate for the costs incurred by such use.
With the hotel's consent, the organiser shall be entitled to use his own telephone, fax and data transmission equipment. The hotel may charge a connection fee for this.
Faults in technical and other equipment provided by the hotel shall be remedied immediately to the extent possible.

VI. Loss or damage to items by the organiser, its guests and visitors etc. brought along
Exhibits and other items, including personal items, belonging to the organiser and its visitors, guests and employees, etc., shall be kept in the event rooms or in the hotel at the organiser's risk. The hotel shall not be liable for loss, destruction or damage of such items unless its employees are guilty of gross negligence or intent. The hotel recommends that the organiser insure the above-mentioned items at its own expense.
Decorative material brought along by the organiser or its agents must comply with the requirements of the fire police. The hotel is entitled to demand the presentation of official proof of this. Due to possible damage, the display and installation of such items must be agreed with the hotel in advance.
Any exhibits or other items brought into the hotel must be removed immediately after the end of the event. If the organiser fails to do so, the hotel shall be entitled to remove and store such items at the organiser's expense. If the organiser leaves such items in the event room or other rooms of the hotel, the hotel may charge room rent for the duration of their stay. The hotel reserves the right to claim damages.

VII. Liability of the organiser for damage
The organiser shall be liable for all damage to buildings and/or inventory caused by event participants or visitors, employees and other third parties from his area or himself.
The hotel may require the organiser to provide appropriate security (e.g. insurance, deposits, surety).

VIII. Allergy training
If there are persons with food allergies among your guests, the client/organiser is obliged to inform the hotel of their names and the nature of the allergy/s so that the hotel can take the necessary measures in the preparation of the food. If the client/organiser has not informed the hotel of the person(s) affected by a food allergy, the client/organiser shall be liable for the entire damage and indemnify the hotel against any claims for damages by injured parties, unless the damage was directly caused by negligence on the hotel’s part or on the part of one of the hotel’s employees. If the damage was directly caused by our negligence or the negligence of one of the hotel’s employees, the hotel shall be liable to a reasonable extent for the legal costs incurred by the client/organiser in connection with any action for damages.

IX. Final provisions
All rates quoted above include VAT at the statutory rate.
Amendments or additions to the contract, the acceptance of the contract or these terms and conditions for events must be made in writing. Unilateral amendments or supplements by the organiser are invalid. Place of performance and payment for both partners is Hamburg. The exclusive place of jurisdiction - also for cheque and bill of exchange disputes - for commercial transactions is Hamburg. If a contractual partner fulfils the prerequisite of section 38, paragraph I of the German Code of Civil Procedure (ZPO) and does not have a general place of jurisdiction in Germany, Hamburg shall be agreed as the place of jurisdiction.

German law shall apply. Should individual provisions of these Terms and Conditions for events be or become invalid or void, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. In all other respects, the statutory provisions shall apply.

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